Sponsoring Information

What makes us different?


By partnering with volunteers native to Syria we have assembled a network of well-connected personnel ON THE GROUND to manage the collection and distribution of food and medical supplies to the most affected individuals. The value of our local volunteers is truly unmeasurable. Their familiarity with different cities provides a unique perspective that allows us to more precisely assess the need in certain areas. Furthermore, our accessibility of much needed resources is incomparable to other US-based Non-Governmental Organizations operating in the area. When donating with Syrian Orphans Org. you can be rest-assured that your contributions will not fall into the wrong hands. One-hundred percent of all funds donated though our organization go straight to the benefit of orphaned children. 

How can you help today?

providing basic necessities

The lives of millions of children have been destroyed with this war that has engulfed the country. Every child has the right to an education and the right to live in decency with access to basic human necessities. By donating just $50 a month, less than $2 a day, you will provide an orphaned child with food, shelter, clothing and medical care; simple things that we all take for granted on a daily basis. The children affected by this civil war have had their world turned upside down, together we can show them the world has not forgotten about them. By providing basic necessities we can provide these children with something no child should have to worry about; food, safety and education.

What are we working towards?

continue being active

Along with our continued efforts to secure a hopeful future for orphaned children and widows within Syria, we’re now working towards improving the lives of Syrian refugees who have fled across borders to neighboring countries. The inevitable mass exodus from Syria has resulted in over 1 million Syrian refugees flooding into Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Syrian Orphans Org. has successfully developed a summer camp and a medical camp for refugees in Turkey and we are currently in the process of opening a full-time school for orphaned children. We also plan to continue being active in providing assistance to refugee camps set up in the other neighboring countries as well.

Are my donations tax deductible

All donations are tax deductible 

We are set up to operate in the affected areas directly; that means your contributions will not pass through any third party organizations before reaching those in need. We are a registered 501c(3) organization and as such all donations are tax deductible.