Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly Sponsorship Program

By choosing this option, a recurring monthly sum of $50 will go towards providing some basic monthly necessities for one child per sponsorship.

Annual Sponsorship

Annual Sponsorship

By choosing this option, a recurring annual sum of $600 will go towards providing basic necessities for one orphan for the duration of an entire calendar year per payment.

One Time Donation

One Time Donation

By choosing this option, a one-time non-recurring donation will go towards providing basic necessities for the Syrian orphans.

Zakat (Zakat ul Maal)

Zakat (Zakat ul Maal)

For just $600 a year, an orphan in Syria will be able to endure the tragedy of his/her parent(s) without the constant worry of not having food or shelter.

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Help us save the Syrian Mona Lisa Help us save the Syrian Mona Lisa THOUSANDS of children have been forced to survive alone as refugees, after being orphaned or separated from their parents in the Syrian conflict. These children deserve more through the given circumstances. Therefore we need you, the community, to come...
Orphan Sponsorship Orphan Sponsorship The children in Syria are worst to get affected by the current situation there. They are being forced to live in dismal conditions with almost no food, medical aid and shelter. Most of these children have also been orphaned and have no one left to look...

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About Syrian Orphans

The Syrian Orphans Org is a humanitarian organization that is dedicated to helping the orphans left behind in a senseless war. The upheaval has left thousands of children without parents, food, healthcare, and open to all kinds of exploitation.

Help us help them. Donate today and make a difference in the life of one child.

For $2 a day, it is not only an act of generosity, but also a necessity on the part of every person that can look forward to a meal at home. Because the orphans in Syria don’t have the luxury of knowing where their next meal is or whether they will survive to see another sunrise.

If you want to help these orphans feel like kids again, if you want them to feel safe, and if you want to give them hope that the world is a better place, then donate today. It will not only change the life of a child in need, it will change yours as well.

Contact us

P.O.Box 1046, Westmont, IL 60559

  • Hot line: (855) SYR-ORFN
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